Goats Milk Soap - The beautiful countryside of North Herefordshire where our goats graze

Why Choose Our Soap?

We use goats milk in our soap because it's well known for its wonderful moisturising properties and makes lovely creamy soap that's suitable for all skin types. We guarantee the quality of our product as we only use milk from our own Golden Guernsey goats to create our luxurious handmade goat soap.

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About Our Goats

Bluehills Freya
"Hi, my name is Freya.

My mum is one of the goats that provides the fresh milk for your soap."

Our Golden Guernsey Goats

Daylight Dee
Daylight Dee

Critters Dionne
Critters Dionne

Daylight Serene
Daylight Serene

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Goats Milk Soap - Milky Marvel

Hypoallergenic - Additive Free!

Milky Marvel™

Our Milky Marvel™ soap is Hypoallergenic and made with all the goodness of our own fresh goats milk. With around ¼ olive oil and ¼ goats milk, our milky white bar is soothing, moisturising and great for all skin types.

As Milky Marvel™ contains no colouring, no fragrance and no preservatives, in fact no additives of any kind, it's especially suitable for people with senstive or dry skin.

Click for details of our Milky Marvel™ soap

Don't forget, we recommend you use a soap ladder to hold your goat soap and keep it in tip-top condition.

Price:2.99 Quantity:

Goats Milk Soap - Lavender

We've used the same great recipe of natural vegetable oils and fresh goats milk for the base and added pure essential oil of lavender.

Click for details of our Lavender soap

Price:2.99 Quantity: Sold Out!

Goats Milk Soap - Honeysuckle

This is a very delicate bar of soap as it captures the heady fragrance of Honeysuckle on a warm evening.

Click for details of our Honeysuckle soap

Price:2.99 Quantity:

Goats Milk Soap - Rose

Our rose soap has the very lightest scent that you might catch on a Summer breeze.

Click for details of our Rose soap

Price:2.99 Quantity: Sold Out!

Goats Milk Soap - Jasmine

The fragrance of our jasmine soap evokes the mystery of the scented East

Price:2.99 Quantity: Sold Out!

Goats Milk Soap - Freesia

Freesia is a marvellously mild scent lingering on the nose.

Price:2.99 Quantity: Sold Out!

Accessories - Wooden Soap Dish

Wooden Soap Dish

A slatted wooden soap dish made from sustainable Birch wood. This is a lovely soap dish with a curved bottom that holds your soap well and lets the water run off after use. It keeps your bar nicely dry so it lasts longer.

Price: 2.00 Quantity: Sold Out!

Accessories - Face Flannel

Face Flannel

Like our Milky Marvel™ soap, this is plain, simple and uncomplicated. A white cotton face flannel that complements our goats milk soap.

The flannel is made from 400gsm Indian cotton and is 30cm×30cm. For those who prefer imperial measurements that's 12"×12".

Price: 1.00 Quantity: Quantity: Sold Out!

Accessories - Guest Towel

Guest Towel

Our face flannel has been doing so well that we couldn't resist adding a white cotton guest towel to our range.

As with the original flannel, the towel is made from 400gsm Indian cotton; it's size is 50cm×100cm, that's about 20"×40" in old money.

Price: 2.00 Quantity: Sold Out!

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News Flash

New Postage Rates

Thanks to the Royal Mail, it's now cheaper than ever to buy several bars at once!

To take best advantage of the change buy 5 bars and you'll save 11% on postage


Customers' Reviews

Goats Milk Soap 4.9 out of 5 based on 24 ratings. 24 user reviews.

Fabulous soap, and great results! I have combination skin that flakes - or I should say, used to flake! All solved by this soap: it's very moisturizing but gently peels too. I'm in love!

love these soaps...and they come with great service and quick shipping. This is my 2nd order, and I WILL come back for more.

Lovely soap, the creamiest and most gentle I've ever used. No residue afterwards either! Super fast postage too, Would highly recommend!

I tried the milky marvel soap its absolutely creamy and wonderful. I have extremely sensitive and acne prone skin and i have been using it as my only face cleanser ever since! Thank you and please never change!

First class service received goods in excellent condition. …what can I say beautiful product. Will be back for more…

Your goats' soap is wonderful - I love it's scent and soft lathery action.

…it's changed my life after just one week of use. My psoriasis and chronically itchy legs have been relieved. I am extremely grateful.

I think that's probably the nicest soap I've ever used!

Lovely soap and very fast delivery

The soap felt like silk you could feel the goodness within it I'm sure!

Thank you, fast postage, soaps are great!

excellent very pleased.

Lovely soap, very good service.

Thank you for a high quality product…it produces lovely creamy lather

excellent product and service, very pleased.highly reccomended, will buy again

Thank you for the best handmade soaps I've tried in years…please keep making them.

Really superb moisturising soap, without greasyness. Don't change the formula!!!

Great soap! Super fast:ordered on Friday, shipped on Saturday, arrived on Monday.

Lovely and creamy soap. thank you

Really lovely soap…thank you.

Super fast delivery Thanks!

Fast delivery, full of moisture…excellent thanks!

Ordered yesterday here today WOW many thanks

Lovely stuff and quick delivery, too.

About Us & Our Soap

Our soap is vegetarian and made in the old-fashioned way using the 'cold process'.

Our soap is handmade from scratch from natural ingredients.

We do NOT use bought-in 'melt and pour' mixes that produce inferior 'instant' soap bars.

We do NOT use bought-in powdered goats milk.

The fresh goats milk we use comes from our own herd of rare-breed Golden Guernseys that graze on the rural pastures of Herefordshire. You can find out more about them on the Bluehills Herd web site.

For more information on Golden Guernsey Goats why not visit the "Golden Goats" web site.

For more information about buying and keeping goats check out Goat Breeds in the UK

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